Supply Chain Diagnostic Scorecard

Completing this Free Diagnostic Scorecard will let you know how healthy your supply chain processes are. Please take a moment and indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with each statement below. Once completed, please fill out the information at the bottom and click the Calculate Your Score button.

We have identified effective KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and religiously measure, assess and act on those indicators.

We have a clear understanding of our cost structure and effectively manage costs while improving performance.

Our ability to effectively track inbound materials, finished goods and goods sold to customers consistently provides real-time visibility and ensures that our inventory is in the right location, on time, with no backorders.

Our supply chain and management process provides our sales, service and operational teams with the resources and support they need to minimize manual or redundant tasks and maximize productivity as measured by revenue per employee.

Our high value service providers regularly identify ways for us to improve our performance and decrease our costs.

We can go head-to-head with all competitors in all geographic vertical markets; with no sacrifice of volume or margin.

We regularly invest in our supply chain and logistics capabilities and those investments yield positive ROI.

Our supply chain technology systems continually provide valuable knowledge and enable us to identify historic/future trends to drive improved performance.

Our distribution centers are ideally located to meet the needs of our customers in the most cost efficient manner possible.

We have no compliance or unrealized liability exposure caused by improper classification or documentation on either domestic or international shipping activity.

As you consider the ways you currently utilize your supply chain process to exploit your competitive advantage, the area I’m least comfortable with is: