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TBB to the Rescue

The V.P. of Domestic Operations received a call from a client on Sunday morning at 9:30am. Their customer was currently shutdown and needed a part to become operational. The problem: the part was in Maryland and the end user was in Clinton, IA. TBB’s client had the shipment ready within an hour, but didn’t know how to deliver the parts by 7am when the office needed to reopen.

While the client prepared the package, TBB Supply Chain Guardian got to work. Pilot Freight contacts were called and necessary TSA paperwork was filled out. Pilot Freight picked up the package at noon and delivered to Southwest Air at BWI for delivery using Next Flight Out service. Once the plane landed at Midway Airport in Chicago, a team member drove the package 110 miles to Clinton, IA.

Through TBB’s extensive contacts and expertise in supply chain, the package arrived by 7pm; a full 12 hours before it absolutely needed to arrive. The full process took less than ten hours.

The result: Happy end-user, Happy TBB client. Further crisis averted.

Would you have known what to do in an emergency like this? Do you have an expert team willing to work instantly, even on weekends? With TBB you don’t have to worry. We streamline your full supply chain needs so you can focus on manufacturing and selling your product.

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